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Web Design + Development

Your Website has approximately 155 million competitors (give or take)

Having a website is now table stakes. Getting it found is the new black! Nearly 50% of all searches use just two or three words, and 20% use just one! With statistics showing that many sales transactions begin online no matter where they complete, it’s imperative that your website is written well for both its human readers, and for the search engines that will enable them to find it in the first place. There’s a lot riding on the optimization of your website.

There are many elements that go into the development of a functional, modern website. The most important are often ‘under the hood’. In fact, some of the things that look great (like cool flash pieces) are virtually invisible to search engines, and thus to potential customers. To be found, a modern website has to be carefully constructed around a detailed understanding of the myriad of elements that the search engines look at, and ideally a business-level understanding of customer marketing to help shape the human element of the web experience.

The Rhino web design team combines marketing and technology expertise to manage user experience, customer-insight driven keyword expertise, web analytics data, conversion optimization, tracking and reporting, data management and much more in every website we build or enhance.

Your company’s website is the catalyst for your entire marketing presence. Like finding a trusted mechanic for today’s computerized cars, web development is now way too complex to trust it to somebody’s friend’s kid or the jobber down the street. It doesn’t cost much more to do it right, and any cost difference will quickly be forgotten when you start seeing more and better customer conversions coming from your site.