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What do we love more than marketing you ask?
Talking about ourselves.

We’re big believers in two-way communication and we encourage you to contact us with your questions, story ideas, and interview requests. Here you’ll find some general info about our background to get you started, but what you want is the full-story, straight from the Chief Rhino.

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or call 1.877.605.7022

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Background Information

  • Rhino Marketing Inc. Profile ( pdf )
  • Doug Morneau Biography, Chief Rhino ( pdf )


  • Rhino Logo (vertical & horizontal)
  • Doug Morneau, Chief Rhino
    • Headshot w/ dark background ( jpg – 3,400 x 4,000 px )
    • Headshot w/ light background ( jpg – 2,400 x 2,000 px )
    • Office ( jpg – 3,000 x 2,000 px )
    • Canucks ( jpg 4,320 x 2,880 px )